English Language Proficiency Exam (ELPE)

The ELPE consists of an Oral Skills Assessment
The Oral Skills Assessment has the following features:

  • The Assessment is conducted by a panel of two to three trained people.
  • The interview takes ten minutes or less.
  • The interviewers have pre-session training to ensure common standards.

There are three segments to the Oral Skills Assessment

  1. A short reading passage from a text from the student’s major that we will supply.
  2. A brief (5 minutes) presentation on a subject derived from the student’s major that you will need to prepare prior to your Zoom appointment.
    • ​​A Powerpoint is not allowed for this presentation. You are only allowed to use the whiteboard feature via Zoom.
  3. A short question and answer interview with the panel.
The criterion for this Assessment is whether the panel can understand what the person is saying. Because the raters are not subject matter experts, the accuracy of what the person says does not matter, just whether they can be understood without difficulty. The purpose of each section is to elicit samples of the student’s speaking. To an extent, the more the student talks, the easier it is for the raters to make an evaluation.
A registration form link will be posted with the date.
*Read over the registration form carefully before you accept the terms!*

**If a date is full: Do NOT email/call our office asking for an appointment.** 
When we are FULL it means that we cannot fit any more appointments into the day.
You will need to register for the next available date.

Typically, only one ELPE registration date is open at a time. Students may only test once every 3 months
This means that 
if you register for 2 appointments or back to back exams, you will be charged for both appointments but you will only be able to test once.


Oral Skills Assessment - $45.00
All fees are due at the time of registration and are nonrefundable.

Fees will be charged to your student account; therefore, no payment is required prior to testing.
Please be aware that once registered you will be billed for the exam even if you are unable to test.


The Day Of Your Exam:

After registering, you will receive an email prior to your exam with the rules and regulations along with the Zoom link.

Graduate students can get help preparing for the exam at no cost by utilizing the resources provided by the Center for Teaching Excellence

You need to dress like you are taking the test in-person in a classroom setting. Test proctors can and will cancel your exam if you are not appropriately dressed, shirts and pants or shorts are a must. Student rule 37 grants faculty and staff the authority to maintain responsible standards of student dress and grooming within the classroom. Test proctors can and will cancel your exam if you are not appropriately dressed.

You will need to read over the email sent to the email address provided upon registering and download Zoom if you have not already. The email will be sent the week before your scheduled exam date.
The email you will be sent will include:

  • ​Zoom link for the meeting
  • Date and time of exam
  • Instructions on what is acceptable and unacceptable during the test

*IMPORTANT: You will need to be in a room/area where no one will disturb you, a stable internet connection, and a computer/laptop.

You will need a VALID (non-expired) photo ID which can be a TAMU student ID or a passport. You will not be admitted if you are late.

After Your Exam:

Scores will be posted in your HOWDY Portal by noon on the Monday following the exam.

If you would like feedback: Please email testing@tamu.edu 

We will not give feedback for exams older than 2 months. If you would like feedback you must contact our offices within two months of your test date.


If you have not received your email:
Be sure to check ALL folders including spam or junk folders. Also check all email accounts. We email the email submitted when registering.

If you need your results:
We do not supply physical results like a certificate. You can locate your scores in Howdy under My Dashboard, then select My Records to navigate to Test Scores within 7 business days of your test date.

If you have questions regarding being a Teaching Assistant:
We do not communicate with academic advisors regarding your exam or results. Our office is not involved in the vetting process. You will need to speak with your academic advisor in regards to being a TA.