Departmental Credit by Exam

Departmental Exams
These exams are for students who want to earn credit by examination for specific courses. They are generally comprehensive tests of the content of a semester long course. These exams are available to currently enrolled students only. Students should consult their academic advisor prior to scheduling an exam. Once credit is awarded it cannot be removed. Exams can only be taken once.

Political Science 206 and 207 are no longer available for credit by examination.
We are also no longer offering exams to be taken via Zoom.

Foreign Language Credit: 
Texas A&M Univeristy can accept credit for a foreign langauge if taken through FLATS at BYU.
After purchasing the test, it can be sent to our location and you will need to schedule a day and time with us and pay the proctoring fee.
There is more information regarding that process here.


Eligibility for Credit by Examination:
Students may not receive departmental credit by exam for courses that are prerequisites to courses for which they already have credit except with the approval of the department authorizing the examination. (Student Rule 8.6.10)
• Students may not have credit posted for Credit by examination for a course in which he or she is currently registered or has acquired a grade other than Q, WP, or NG. (Student Rule 8.6.4)
• Students who previously excluded a course grade under the Freshman Grade Exclusion Policy are not eligible to receive Departmental exam credit for that course.

Exams offered:

  • Chemistry 119: 2 Hours
  • Chemistry 120: 2 Hours
  • Physics 201: 2 Hours
  • Physics 202: 2 Hours
  • Physics 206: 2 Hours
  • Physics 207: 2 Hours
Course Specific Information

The test for Chemistry 119 is a multiple choice examination that covers substances, compounds, elements, and mixtures; stoichiometry, chemical formulas, and equations; atomic structure; chemical periodicity and ionic bonding; covalent bonding and inorganic nomenclature; chemical reactions; gases, liquids, and solids, solutions; acids, bases, and salts. You will be supplied a formula sheet and a periodic table.


A score of 70% on the Chemistry 119 examination or classroom credit for CHEM 119 qualifies you to take the test for Chemistry 120. The test for Chemistry 120 is a multiple-choice examination and is a continuation of the Fundamentals of Chemistry. You will be supplied a formula sheet and a periodic table.


The test for Physics 201 is a multiple-choice examination and covers fundamentals of classical mechanics, heat, and sound. A thorough review of a basic text in college physics is recommended before attempting this examination. No formula sheet will be given but all needed information is supplied with the questions.


A score of 75% or more on the Physics 201 examination, or classroom credit for PHYS 201, qualifies you to take the test for Physics 202. The test for Physics 202 is a multiple-choice examination and covers the fundamentals of classical electricity and light; introduction to contemporary physics. You will be supplied with a formula sheet.


The test covers mechanics for students in science and engineering. Physics 206 is a calculus-based physics course and is a free response examination. If you have not had a calculus-based physics course, it is unlikely that you would do well on this examination. You will be supplied with a formula sheet.


Prior credit for PHYS 206, qualifies you to take the test for Physics 207. The test for Physics 207 is a multiple-choice examination that covers electricity, magnetism, and optics.You will be supplied a formula sheet.


In Person:
Call our office at (979)845-0532 to schedule a date and time
Exams are 2 hours long
You have the options of 9:00am, 11:00am and 2:00pm on Monday - Thursdays to take your exam
or the option of 9:00am on Fridays.

Please have a preferred date and time ready when registering

Exams are $50 per exam
All fees are due at the time of registration and are non-refundable

The Day Of Your Exam:
What to bring to your exam:
You will need to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled test session with a government issued ID that is unexpired with a photo (driver’s license, passport, Texas Department of Public Safety identification card, current alien resident’s card or a student ID).

Without an acceptable ID you cannot test.

Non-programmable calculators are allowed for all exams. All other materials will be provided for the exam.

If you are eligible to receive course credit based on your exam score, the credit will be posted to your academic record within 2-3 business days. Scores will not affect your GPA. If you pass, you will only see credit for the course, not a grade. If you do not receive the minimum score, you will not see anything on your transcript. 
Please check your unofficial transcript prior to calling our office.

Course Minimum Score Credit Hours
 Chemistry 119 60 4
 Chemistry 120 60 4
 Physics 201 70 4
 Physics 202 70 4
 Physics 206 60 3
 Physics 207 75 3


If you call for your score:
We cannot give your score over the phone, only in person with your ID. Over the phone, we can only tell you if you passed or not.

For studying information:
There are no study guides or practice courses for the exams. You can look up the syllabus for the class and look over that material.

If you have an issues/questions about the test material:
You will need to contact the department with complaints or questions about the test material.

If you need accommodations:
We will need the paperwork for your accommodation before you can test. Let us know when you register for your exam and send your paperwork to Unfortunately, we cannot supply readers or privacy rooms at this time.

Report of Departmental Credit Earned - Academic Advisors Use Only

Report of Departmental Credit Examination Earned PDF. Please complete all spaces to assure prompt and accurate processing. Credit reported on this form will be posted to transcripts within five working days of the receipt of this form at Testing Services.