Residual ACT Tests

Any student who is interested in attending TAMU and has not yet taken the ACT or wants to retest is eligible to take the residual/institutional version of the nationally administered ACT. Scores from the institutional exam will be posted to the student's academic record but cannot be reported to other institutions of higher education.
Any student who is interested in attending Texas A&M University and has not yet taken the ACT+ or who needs to take it again for admission purposes, are eligible for this test. Students may take the ACT twice with a 60 day waiting period. Scholarship athletes may be ineligible for Residual. They should speak to Milton Overton, Associate Athletic Director, at (979)845-4358. 

Upcoming ACT dates: TBD


Call our office at (979)845-0532 to schedule. 
The fee for the ACT exam is $125
All fees are due at the time of registration and are non-refundable.


The Day Of Your Exam:

What to bring:
You will need to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled test session with a government issued ID that is unexpired with a photo and signature (driver's license, passport, Texas Department of Public Safety identification card, current alien resident's card). A student ID is NOT an acceptable form of ID. 

Without acceptable ID, you cannot test.

All other materials will be provided for the exam.
You may bring a calculator that is in accordance with ACT policies located on their website. 

Score Reports will be mailed to the student within 2 weeks from the test day. Results are automatically reported to TAMU admissions.  Results will not be reported to any scholarship agency, high school or other institution. Results will not be released over the phone.

TAMU is no longer administering the on-campus SAT.